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We develop and produce on our own label, for music lovers, collectors and connoisseur’s valuable CD samplers with rare, never before published in most cases on a CD, music material from the pop, rock and disco area. We are currently planning more rarities, POP & ROCK compilation with EXTENDED REMIX and rare versions that were never published before on CD. With the perfect and unforgettable sound of the Eighties memories, the time has come for it to be alive again. Our CD series are constantly expanding to other topics. Well of course it would be easy to take a title that everyone has in their collection. That is why we are aware of the effort needed to create sets with maxi singles or remixes. This series will mainly bring musical rarities to light again, which later on are used in discotheques and clubs all over the world. All titles are of course transferred from original master tapes and sound recordings or digital format. One of our tasks are for example, titles and version selection, compilation, Artwork development, mastering, re-mastering, remix, re-edit production and manufacturing of the product. These hits from 80’s and long versions have fascinated us already , unfortunately only a limited part of these pieces has ever found its way onto CD, so even today many people have to go on a journey of discovery to find some of those pearls, which are hard to track down or in a lot of cases impossible to find. Also we have noticed as experts, that there are many different remixes of various artists, some of which were published only in limited quantities or abroad. Some titles are so popular that in used condition they reaching high prices in on the market, even in the triple digits. Therefore, we have launched several successful CD series rich in life and well put together. Companies with whom we already work together: ZYX Records, Choice Of Music, EMI Canada, EMI America, EMI Music Germany GmbH & Co. KG, Roba Musikverlage GmbH, Universal Music Germany, Coconut Music, Arabella Musikverlag, Känguruh Musikverlag GmbH, Musik Edition Discoton, Refrain Music, Sunray Music GmbH, Koch Universal Music, Peermusic GmbH, Siebenpunkt Musikvelags GmbH, Artitainment G.o.c. GmbH, Promo Sampler, Bishop Audio ... Additional inforamtion: Promo samplers, Remix and Megamix production is also part of our job. We have already prepared diverse of remix versions. A perfect example of our work is never released before track: "Do not Let Me Down," which we have mixed and remixed specifically for the DISCO FOX Vol. 2 from a radio version. In our projects we place great importance on quality and try to correct all mistakes which were made in the 80’s, before they are released. For example: "BAD BOYS BLUE - Gimme Gimme Your Lovin’ (Little Lady)" when time came for realization of this track we have noted a transition that had been cut off too early. We have chosen the right sample and put back in order. Other productions are in works.

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